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GRIT Rover Coming in Fall 2020

GRIT Sports Performance is pleased to announce that the GSP Rover will be serving the Pennsylvania and Ohio regions starting Fall of 2020. GRIT Sports Performance is excited to serve some of the most passionate and driven athletes in the country at the youth, high school and collegiate levels. More regions will be served in the future.

The GSP Rover is GRIT’s mobile sports performance unit, providing GROWTH performance programs to improve overall strength and ability, RECOVERY solutions and tools such as cutting edge cryotherapy units, functional movement assessments and screenings, Hyperice and NormaTec offerings and return to play technology, and INNOVATIVE TRAINING such as virtual reality training by Rezzil and vision evaluation and training by Vizual Edge. Plus much more!

For more information, visit GRIT’s Contact Us page to see how you can learn more, get a demo or speak to a GRIT representative!

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