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GRIT Sports Performance and Rezzil partner to provide world-leading virtual reality training to GRIT

GRIT - Rezzil Press Release
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(PITTSBURGH, PA) - GRIT Sports Performance and Rezzil, the industry leader in virtual reality training for athletes, are excited to announce a partnership to make Rezzil an official Innovative Training partner with GRIT Sports Performance.

Rezzil is a market leading VR training & cognitive development tool for elite soccer and is already installed at world leading football clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester United. Rezzil is powered by MiHiepa, the leaders in VR Training and Cognitive Development Tools, and uses a series of compact, measurable drills that track important mental characteristics. It allows for the development of cognitive abilities as well as recovery and return to play resources for athletes. It is the most advanced program of its kind available on the planet, used across the world in nine countries at every level of the game – from youth users to World Cup champions.

GRIT Sports Performance and their team are exactly who Rezzil was looking for to bring cutting edge technology and concepts to athletes. And with their ability to bring the technology and training to the facilities where the athletes are is ideal so that all can participate, improve and grow. GRIT has great vision and experience that will help athletes reach their full potential.” – Christian Barsanti, US Operations Manager for Rezzil.

GRIT athletes will be able to use Rezzil’s patented virtual reality training aboard the GSP Rover, giving them cognitive and return to play resources as well as sport specific training drills. In addition, every athlete will be able to receive their “Rezzil Index” to analyze and assess their abilities relative to their peers.

“When we launched GRIT Sports Performance, we knew that our Innovative Training category was the key to connect and engage with today’s modern athlete. Rezzil’s immersive virtual reality experience will blow athletes away! Rezzil continues to add new technology, sports, and experiences through its platform and we are excited to have it inside our Innovative Training Lab on board the GSP Rover.” – Paul Fair, CEO, GRIT Sports Performance.

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