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Rezzil Partners with Harena Data to Help Improve Youth Soccer Skills Through VR


While playing virtual reality games is often fun, it would be easy to assume that the actions you perform while experiencing a certain application wouldn’t transfer over to real-life. However, one piece of software is now pushing back against that notion.

Rezzil, a virtual reality app that focuses on “training and cognitive development,” today announced a new partnership that might very well help many around the world improve their own real-world talents when it comes to certain sports. Teaming up with Harena Data, Rezzil will now be able to provide youth soccer players across the country with information that could more adequately see improvements in their own game.

While it doesn’t translate entirely to the act of, you know, playing real soccer, Rezzil verifies that it can indeed help improve the skills of players. Plus, with all of the data that players will be getting back, they might more aptly know which areas they’ll need to improve on moving forward.

Here’s a video you can check out to get a better idea of how the VR simulation works:

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